About Benjamin Hirsch Insurance: Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and more in Brooklyn, Monroe, Newburgh, Spring Valley, Westchester, NY!

More than a decade of experience.

Part of the elite P&G Insurance Brokers firm founded in 1992, Benjamin Hirsch has been providing high-quality insurance and exceptional customer service to New York residents since 2004. No coverage is too big or too small for an independent agent whose career is built on the principles of providing superior customer service and insurance solutions. Benjamin Hirsch can help you adapt to your needs as they change over time by assessing your risks and maintaining a close working relationship with you, because we have all the right resources.

We work with top insurers so you get impeccable service.

Because we’re dedicated to providing services at the most competitive rates and top quality products, we’re able to protect your family, your business, and you. Benjamin Hirsch, working as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for P&G Insurance, only works with top insurance companies that have proven their worth and consumer value through performance. We’re proud to offer the best coverage in the Tri-State area and beyond for our clients.

We go above and beyond for you.

Working tirelessly as an integral part of the P&G Insurance team, Benjamin Hirsch can insure all clients with the right amount of coverage, both personal and business lines. We’ve earned a reputation for going above and beyond for our clients – we’re an independent firm and not afraid to shop around for the most competitive prices and policies. We make the process of getting insurance easier, because Benjamin Hirsch takes the time to understand your needs and risk so we can customize the perfect insurance plan for you.
If you’re looking into a mortgage, please let us know. We can assist you!

We can help reduce your costs.

Each and every client can get a superior protection plan from Benjamin Hirsch, because he will search for and find the best value insurance carrier for your needs. Benjamin Hirsch goes above and beyond, offering top quality solutions for your home, business, and auto. The P&G Insurance team offers a suite of risk management services. Contact Benjamin Hirsch today and let us help you secure your future. We’ll help you reduce your premium costs, and cover any potential gaps in your current coverage. Spend your time living your life and running your business, and let Benjamin Hirsch handle your risk protection.

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