Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe, Newburgh NY, and Surrounding Areas

Benjamin Hirsch Insurance is an independent agent serving the communities of Brooklyn, Monroe NY, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY and Westchester and they can help you with affordable auto insurance. If you own or drive a car in NY auto insurance is compulsory. There are many risks associated with car ownerships. These include accidents, collisions, auto theft, vehicle damage and also damage or injury to others.

Third party insurance is a big part of auto insurance. You could be held liable if others are injured because of a road accident involving you. Liability claims can be financially crippling. The law recognises this and has made liability insurance compulsory for car owners. If you drive a vehicle without adequate liability cover, you will find yourself on the wring side of the law. If that happens your licence might be suspended and you could be ordered to file for SR22 insurance. You don’t want any of that. It is much simpler to just carry the right auto insurance.

Apart from liability insurance you should also have collision insurance. The risk of a collision is high and you don want find yourself without wheels because you are unable to pay for auto repairs or vehicle replacement. Even if you can foot the bill yourself it will be a huge setback compared to the cost of collision insurance. You might also consider comprehensive insurance for events other than a road accident or collision.

Auto insurance can also extend to cover other vehicles you might own. Maybe you own a boat, a motorcycle, a trailer, an off-road vehicle, a snowmobile or some other vehicle. Your auto insurance can cover these as well.

There are many aspects to auto insurance and Benjamin Hirsch Insurance can help you with right options for your requirements.

Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe, and Newburgh NY. Offering Business & Commercial Insurance in Spring Valley & Westchester. NY Performance Bonds.