Auto Insurance in Monroe NY, Spring Valley NY, Newburgh, and the Surrounding Areas

Benjamin Hirsch Insurance can help you with best value auto insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe NY, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY or Westchester. They provide both residential and commercial auto insurance solutions. As independent agents they can shop around and find the best deals for you. Since they independent agents they are not captive to a specific carrier. That means they work for you and not the insurance. That way you get the best deal at the best price and that is best value auto insurance. 


Auto insurance has several components. These include liability cover, collision insurance and comprehensive. Liability insurance covers you for 3rd party claims. Should a 3rd party be injured because of you negligent driving you will be liable. Third party claims can run into millions and you don’t want to be caught without liability cover. Liability insurance is compulsory in the state of New York. 


Collision insurance covers you for damages to your vehicle pursuant to a road accident. The risk of a collision or road accident is real, so collision insurance makes sense. Unless your vehicle is under finance, collision insurance is not compulsory, but it makes sense to have it. If you don’t have collision insurance will have to pay for damages out of your own pocket. Comprehensive insurance covers you for events other than a collision. This could be storm damage, auto theft, goods in transit, road side assistance, alternative transport and so on. 


If you have other vehicles such as a 2nd car, a boat, a trailer, a snowmobile, a motorcycle or an off-road vehicle, you can insure them under the same auto policy. 


If you want help with best value auto insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe NY, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY or Westchester, then you need look no further than Benjamin Hirsch Insurance