Auto insurance policies in Brooklyn, Monroe, Newburgh, NY

Best value auto insurance from an independent agent

Benjamin Hirsch is an independent agent and can help you with best value auto insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe NY, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY or Westchester, NY. They will shop multiple carriers to find the best deal for you.

Some form of car insurance is compulsory. This is also known social and financial responsibility. That means you need to carry sufficient liability insurance to compensate others if your negligent driving causes them damage or injury. This type of cover is also called 3rd party insurance. You can get an SR 22 filing order if you are caught driving without insurance.

Auto insurance should also cover your damages and losses. That means you should ideally have collision insurance as well as comprehensive. Collision insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle that resulted from a road accident.

Comprehensive auto insurance will cover your losses that result from events other than a road accident. This could be damage related to a storm, car theft, vandalism or some other action or event.

You also need to consider medical costs should you be injured in a road accident. A personal injury protection plan will cover your medical and / or hospital costs. Auto insurance can also have provisions for road side assistance, loss of valuables, towage and alternative transport such as car rental.

The other part of your auto insurance is cost. An independent agent such as Benjamin Hirsch can find the best deals for you. Any positive factors that will lower your risks profile will also help to attract lower premiums. These will include a clean driving record, a safe neighborhood, a good credit score, favorable driving habits, a normal car with anti-theft technology, multiple polies and so on.

You can also extend your auto insurance to include additional vehicles as well as boats, motorcycles and ATVs.