Home Insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe, Newburgh, Spring Valley and Surrounding Areas

Home insurance covers your most valuable assets

Benjamin Hirsch Insurance can help you with home insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe NY, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY or Westchester. Not only do they understand the finer details of home insurance, they also have access to several top insurance carriers. As independent agents, they can compare home insurance policies from different carriers and find the best ones for your circumstances.

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover you for damage to your home and structures on your property. Homeowners insurance will also cover the content and valuables inside your home. That being said, it is important to understand that not every eventuality is covered. Home insurance will cover for you for normal risks such as fire, accidents, storms and liabilities.

One of the important exclusions is flood damage. This is an important exclusion because the risk of flooding is high. Because a flood can cause such extensive damage over a large area, most insurance companies shy away from flood insurance. Your insurance agent will be able to help you with separate flood insurance. There could also be other exclusions such as certain natural disasters or man-made disasters.  These could include events such as earthquakes, landslides, terrorism, civil unrest and war.

It is important to know what is covered and what is excluded. Most standard homeowner’s policies will cover you for damage or loss as a result of specified events such as fire and accidents. Home insurance will also cover you for liability suits and claims. You also need to know how much you are insured for. For example, will your home insurance cover the replacement value of your home and contents?

Home insurance covers your most valuable assets so it is important to get it right. An independent agent such as Benjamin Hirsch can help you get it right.

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