Combine and Save

Want to save on your insurance? Here’s How…

In this day and age everyone is looking for way to save a few bucks, but without compromising needs, wants and most importantly quality. This can be true of the clothes you wear, the cars you drive and the coffee you drink. So why should you sacrifice the quality of your insurance coverage?

We can get behind wanting to save month whenever and where ever possible. But, what many people don’t realize is that combining your insurance policies will actually save you money! Whether it is your auto insurance, home insurance or even your boat insurance; getting the best coverage at the best price is what’s most important. The simple truth is this: many people are overpaying for home and auto insurance for one reason… they haven’t combined their policies!

Did you know that when you combine your policies you can qualify for discounts and better rates? And, what’s better than having all of your insurance at one agency rather than two or three? Dealing with one agent for all of your insurance needs will not only save you money, but you’ll be able to build a personal relationship with your agent over time. We promise this will save time and aggravation down the line.

So how much will you save if you choose to combine? While the total amounts people will save may vary (depending on a number of factors), most people will save approximately 10% to 15% on each policy. Over the course of a lifetime, that is a considerable amount of savings for a minimal amount of work from changing companies. And, the best part: If you use Benjamin Hirsch Insurance, it will take even less work on your part!

So what are some of the other benefits aside from saving your hard earned money?

  1. One Payment: By combing your policies to one agency that also means you only have to make one payment for both lines of insurance.
  2. One Contract: One agency equals one contract! This helps simplify what you have to read and keep track of.
  3. One Renewal: The great part about working with Benjamin is his automation. When it comes time to renew your policies, we’ll email you to remind you you’re up for renewal. We remember your details so you don’t have to!
  4. One place to contact: Have a question, need to file a claim, want to add a line to your current policy? You have one dedicated agent to contact 24/7 with any of your questions.

As you can see, outside of saving money the benefits of combing and saving are plentiful. It only takes one quick phone call to Benjamin Hirsch to start the process. Keep it simple and save money all at the same time.