Commercial Insurance and Business Insurance in Brooklyn, Newburgh, and Westchester NY, and Surrounding Areas

Do you run a business, then without any doubt you should invest in the right commercial insurance plan. It is as crucial as the services and products that you offer to your clients. With the growth and development of your company, unforeseen circumstances may disrupt the day to day operations. Just as you carry an auto insurance on your car, similarly you should opt for commercial coverage to protect yourself against work related injuries, damage caused via the third parties or on-the-job accidents. If you are interested in these insurance plans, give us a call at Benjamin Hirsch Insurance. Our service areas include the ins and outs of Brooklyn, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY and Westchester.

Explore the Different Types

These are some of the plans that we offer to help you protect your business namely,

  • Property Insurance- This will help in protecting personal or real property during vandalism or fire in your warehouse, office space or other places of business. The different types of property insurance that we offer include crime insurance, tenant’s insurance, glass insurance, builder’s risk insurance, debris removal insurance and machinery and boiler insurance.
  • Liability Insurance- This plan will cover property damage or injuries caused to any third party. Its different types include auto insurance, malpractice insurance and errors and omission insurance.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance- It is true that accidents can happen at any point of time and when this takes place in your business premise, it can result in cumbersome financial burdens both for you as well as your company. It is here workers compensation insurance can act as a savior. It will prohibit the employee to charge your company or you for that matter for any form of injury that is work related.

Commercial coverage plans include coverage on different specialized plans specially designed for keeping you as well as your monetary losses always to a minimum. Talk to our insurance agents at 8454923999 to explore more regarding purchasing group or individual plans that will perfectly fit your budget and insurance goals. We are waiting for your call.