Comprehensive Auto insurance coverage in Monroe, Spring Valley, Newburgh NY

Auto insurance coverage and costs

Benjamin Hirsch Insurance offers best value auto insurance in Brooklyn, Monroe NY, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY and Westchester. Best value car or auto insurance means best coverage at the lowest possible price.


Insurance is about risks, coverage and price. Risks are the event you need coverage for. These could be claims against you by third parties. If for example your negligent or reckless driving results in injury or damage to others, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a 3rd party claim headed your way. Liability insurance covers this risk. Liability insurance is also a legally required component of auto insurance. You are not supposed to drive around without the legally required amount of 3rd party insurance. It is part of your social responsibility to be bale compensate others for damage and loss. The law takes this component of auto insurance quite seriously and it is not something you want to mess with.


Other risks you face is personal damage and injury as result of a road accident. Collision insurance is the cover you need for this. Other risks include storm damage, auto theft, vandalism, loss of transport and so on. Comprehensive insurance can provide you the cover you need for risks other than a road accident.


Auto insurance can also extend to vehicles other than cars. You could insurance your motorcycle, your boat, your trailer or your snowmobile under an auto insurance policy.


Coverage is one side of the insurance coin. The other side is cost. If you want to lower your auto insurance costs you should deal with an accredited independent agent. An independent agent has access to several plans from different carriers and quickly find the best plan for your circumstances.


There are also specific things you can bring to the table to help lower your auto insurance costs. These could include a good driving record, the area you live, your driving habits, the type of car you own and so on.