Westchester-Newburgh-Spring Valley NY Business Insurance

Business insurance to protect your financial lifeline

Benjamin Hirsch can help you with business insurance in Brooklyn, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY and Westchester. If you own or run a business you already have a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to worry about is business insurance. You need to have it and you can leave it in the capable hands of Benjamin Hirsch Insurance. They deal with full spectrum of commercial insurance and they will get you the best deal possible. You can focus on your core business with peace of mind knowing they have your back should disaster come calling.  A  business policy from Benjamin Hirsch will help protect your financial interests while minimizing your premiums and controlling your deductibles.


Business insurance covers your losses when calamity strikes. Your losses might be small they could be big. A major disaster could wipe out your business if you don’t have commercial insurance to help you out. Business insurance can be broken down into categories. Some of the main commercial insurance categories are:


  • Property insurance
  • Liability cover
  • Workers compensation
  • Business interruption
  • Professional liability
  • Group medical
  • Commercial auto
  • Errors and omissions
  • Umbrella
  • Comprehensive
  • Business specific


There are similar risks that every business owner faces.  Property damage or loss is right up there. Business interruption is another. For small and medium businesses, there is a general policy called the Business Owners Policy (BOP). This policy combines certain coverages into one package. These coverages include property insurance, business interruption and liability cover. A BOP does not include commercial auto, professional liability, group medical or workers’ compensation.


You can combine a BOP with other specific policies to ensure you are properly protected. Specific types of businesses such as construction companies face industry specific risks and there are special packages for such businesses.


Benjamin Hirsch can help you with the right commercial insurance in Brooklyn, Newburgh, Spring Valley NY and Westchester.

Westchester-Newburgh-Spring Valley NY Business Insurance from Benjamin Hirsch Insurance provides peace of mind at competitive, affordable rates. Call for more!